Yoga Like a Grown Ass Woman

About the Creator

I started doing yoga as a way of coping with the initial shock of being diagnosed with breast cancer. What I quickly discovered is it helped calm my nerves and still my mind. My amazing God Sister Tasha ‘TC’ Cooper sent laminated Posters of yoga poses that I did during the course of my treatment. On days that I was too physically weak to do anything I would curl up for hours in child’s pose praying and meditating. Throughout my journey yoga has enriched my mind, body, and soul. My prayer and meditation practices, as well as my physical strength and flexibility, have all greatly improved as a result of practicing yoga. Moreover, Yoga was instrumental in helping me restore my upper body strength and range of motion after having a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries. Today it plays a major role in my life after cancer. I continue to practice with the support and encouragement of my accountability partner Tasha. Together we participate in Yoga Challenges and classes (we go to Hot Yoga when I’m in DC). Yoga relieves stress, boosts confidence, helps with depression, improves focus, enhances patience, and so much more. It is a great way to have fun and bond with friends and family too. I created the Yoga Like a Grown Ass Woman Movement to share my love and passion for yoga and coloring therapy as a means of self-discovery and finding life balance. I strongly encourage ALL women to embrace yoga and to do it with grace, love, compassion, and kindness… That’s how you do Yoga Like a Grown Ass Woman!

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