The Best New Music for Yoga: August 2019 Edition
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Late summer is a time of receiving and processing all of the gifts, skills, talents, and transformations that we have been cultivating this season. As summer draws to a close, let’s embrace and soak up all of the magic, delight, celebration, and wonder and stash it away for the fall and winter seasons. We hope this month’s collection of music encourages to be fully present with gratitude and to savor the beauty of the last sparkles of summertime.

These playful, sweet and joyous acoustic guitar compositions are a great way to set an uplifting tone to the start of a yoga practice. These ten tracks use a mesmerizing and gorgeous fingerpicking style with some light guitar thumping and can certainly be played outside of your yoga practice to give a boost to your mood.

Chimes, singing bowls, rainstick, synth drones, and field recordings create an “ocean of delicate sounds and find the waves that will let you flow deep into oneness.” Play all or part of this hour-long composition for relaxation or during meditation to calm and soothe the mind.

This EP of “expansive and grounded” ambient compositions combine field recordings of natural spaces with modern classical piano compositions and ambient synth drones and swells. Any of these four tracks would work well at the end of a vigorous yoga practice to cultivate introspection and integration.

The combination of a string quartet, grand piano, synth drones, and atmospheric sounds creates a dramatic, soft, yet moody soundscape. These five tracks would work well to support the transition into the slower parts of a yoga practice.

Recorded deep in the woods of the Czech Republic, this low-fi kirtan chanting album is filled with sweetness and devotion. A duo of vocals, acoustic guitar, chimes, bowls, and gongs is used on these twelve tracks of traditional Sanskrit chants.

These spacious and calming Piano and guitar ambient compositions are layered on top of synth soundscapes and field recordings. Any of these ten tracks would work great played at the beginning or end of a yoga practice. This album would also be great to accompany healing arts like massage or acupuncture.

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