Alternative therapy or Alternative and Complementary Medicine (CAM) options are used by millions of people around the world. According to The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), “In the United States, approximately 38 percent of adults (about 4 in 10) and approximately 12 percent of children (about 1 in 9) are using some form of CAM.”
According to Grandview Research, 70% of adults surveyed in 2017 in the United States believe complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) provides positive results. 78% of those responders were women, and 62% were men. Radionic therapy is a treatment under the CAM umbrella.
Healing using energy is a concept that was developed by Dr. Albert Abrams back in the period 1836-1924 at Stanford University where he presided as the director of Clinical Medicine.
According to Dr. Albert Abrams, all type of matter emits a given scale of radiation and every other organism actively absorbs energy through a specific wave field. Radionic therapy works around scientific concepts of radiations and electronics. In reference to Einstein’s theory of relativity and principles of electrodynamics, matter is made up of atoms held together by fields of energy.
Radionic therapy, therefore, is a healing process that depends on vibrational energy in boosting the overall wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Human beings are linked to a universal consciousness grid that is a steady source of life energy and can influence the natural healing process without the overreliance to artificial drugs.
Functional Basis of Radionic Therapy
What makes the practice of radionic therapy preferential to people mindful about their health is its ability to single out diseases in their earliest stages. Radionic specialists read into a patient’s energy field to check for any imbalances.
Therapy may include the use of devices to determine any imbalance and also correct unusual radiations. The healing power of this therapy is achieved in balancing out the frequency of vibrations by a patient or rearranging their individual molecules. When facilitated by an expert it can curb the occurrence of diseases and minimize pain.
The guiding principles of radionic therapy state that any type of disease will cause an imbalance of electrons in the atoms of the affected body tissues. This makes the disease visible as a form of radiating energy. Such energy is detected when it travels around the body.
Conditions That Can be Remedied by Radionic Therapy
Healing process becomes easier if a disease can be detected at its inception. Radionic therapy enhances healing of any complication within and on the body as well as chronic or acute psychological defects. Such may include arthritis, asthma, common colds, eczema, common allergies, trauma from accidents, stress, insomnia, back pains, and even fatigue.
Other advantages of this alternative treatment are accelerating recovery process after major surgeries, boosting overall levels of energy in the body, repair of broken bones as well as giving healthy patients vitality in their daily routines. The practice acknowledges that some conditions are incurable, but it helps alleviate pain and slow down the symptoms.
This kind of therapy in the modern age has acted as the last results for patients with very severe conditions and experts use multiple tools including dowsing, specialized radionics machines and even kinesiology all depending on a patient’s responsiveness
Period of Treatment
Patients respond differently to any course of treatment as influenced by a couple of factors. There is no exception to radionic therapy and different patients require portray diverse reactions to treatment. Another prominent factor that determines the period of treatment is how early or late their condition was detected.
If symptoms have developed slowly and unnoticed over a couple of years it will take a substantial amount of time to achieve success with therapy. Symptoms that develop sporadically are detected and treated as fast as they appear.
The upside to radionic therapy is that it does not target just a single condition but rather attends to their entire health condition.
Venture to the world of alternative medicine to sustain good health or reverse the effects of disease before they take a toll on your health.

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