Pranic Healing® has been in existence for thousands of years. Its goal is to get rid of any impurities in your energy body, the field of energy that surrounds your physical body, before these impurities seep through and manifest themselves as diseases and illnesses.
The condition of your energy body is affected by your physical being, and undeniably, the other way around.
What is the Energy Body Made of?

There have scientific experiments done by Semyon Kirlian, the prominent Russian scientist who was behind the discovery of Kirlian photography. He photographed humans, animals, and plants using an ultrasensitive camera process.
This specialized method, also known as electrography, showed a radiant, colorful field of energy around the physical body. He called this energy field the aura, and described it as extending 4 -5 inches from the surface of the skin and is capable of penetrating the physical body.
Through his experiments, Kirlian discovered that the presence of ailments manifested themselves first in the energy body before appearing in the physical body. He also noted that our thoughts, emotions, and moods all have a direct effect on the vibrancy, radiance, and color of our auras. It’s a direct reflection on how we handle stress on a daily basis.
The Science Behind It
Prana is a Sanskrit word, which means our “life-force”. This life force is what is keeping us alive, and if we’re lucky and astute, it’s what maintains our good health.
One of the fundamental pranic healing beliefs is that our bodies can repair themselves through mostly any ailment. Moreover, by surrounding ourselves with positive life force and getting rid of the negative prana residing within us, we can accelerate this healing process.
Pranic healing engages our prana to treat ailments and illnesses, from the mental to the physical – anything is possible.
All pranic healers, which can be professional alternative medicine practitioners or even your own self, focus on eradicating the diseased energy forms in certain parts of your body and replacing them with fresh, vitalized prana, all with the use of the hands, yet following a specific “no touch” approach. There is no physical contact since the practitioner works with the energy body, rather than the physical body.
The energy body, also referred to as the aura, surrounds our physical bodies. It absorbs life energy from everything around us, the sun, air, wind, other auras, and distributes it to our physical bodies.
Our muscles, organs, glands, cells, tissues, etc. all receive the energy sent to us by our auras. What pranic healing does is that it cleanses the energy body of any negativity or blockage before manifesting as problems in the physical body.
Basic Principles Of Pranic Healing
Now that we understand that pranic healing is all about bringing balance and harmony to our energy body first before our physical body, we need to recognize the two basic principles of this alternative healing method.
Law Of Self-Recovery
• The body can heal itself at a certain rate
• You will recover (from a cold, a cut, or a bruise for example) in a week or two without resorting to medication
Law Of Life Energy
• Prana is the essence of life
• By harmonizing prana and increasing its presence on the affected part, and in turn on the whole body, healing can be accelerated
6 Steps To Pranic Healing
In Pranic Healing® there are 6 six steps to fully cleanse and transform the energy body. In just 2 weeks, practitioners claim that the effects of these steps will start to show positive results giving you an entire makeover of body and soul.
There are, however, some steps whose effects will be felt straightaway, such as the pranic breathing.
Yet together, these steps will add a sense of calm and vigor to your energy and physical bodies.
1. Clear your mind of all negative energy and emotions, including fears, anxieties, and phobias as they block the flow of prana, which often leads to illness.

2. Since achieving a harmonious balance requires both energy and physical bodies to be healthy, it’s necessary to include physical exercise to the pranic healing ideology. However, these aren’t just any exercises, they target specifically the generation of energy. They aim at producing prana in large amounts for best benefits. They include, but aren’t limited to, Tibetan Yogic Exercises as well as the Mentalphysics Exercises. They have been simplified and modified so that anyone can do them while still being sure they are producing healthy, energized prana.

3. Manually manipulate your energy fields by scanning over your body with your hands. This will allow you feel for any imbalance that may exist in your aura. Then using specific sweeping motions, you can cleanse away the unclean parts of your aura. Finally, using your hands again, draw in positive energy and disburse it into the lacking areas of your prana (aura) to revive its energy field.

4. Just as there hygiene of your physical body, there is also hygiene of your energy body. Regulating your emotions, certain dietary recommendations, as well as many other ways of keeping your energy body cleansed and purified.

5. We can’t really talk about alternative medicine without discussing meditation. To feel the utmost effects of pranic healing, there are numerous meditation techniques, but the two basic kinds are:

a. Mindfulness meditation: this method helps to slow down a person’ flow of thoughts and facilitates the flow of cleansing energy

b. Meditation on Twin Hearts: this technique draws in huge amounts of healing prana by focusing on peace, kindness and love

6. Breathing. We all know how to breathe as a biological process, in with the oxygen, out with the carbon dioxide. However, there is another fundamental aspect to our breathing process that nearly every one of us is unaware of and that is our life force.
The sad truth is not many even know how to breathe right. Learning how to breathe appropriately is, in essence, the first step to increasing your energy levels. Yet as we get older, we allow stress and tension to constrain the way we naturally breathe. We constrict our muscles and they are unable to expand and contract to their full span of movement.

In time of stress, we take deep breaths because we innately understand that this is how to loosen the diaphragm, thus allowing it to take in the maximum amount of oxygen. However, there’s another reason why breathing deeply calms us besides the physiological one; when muscles are relaxed and breathing is rhythmic and slow, the paths of energy (chakras) in our bodies become synchronized. This results in the equilibrium of a sense of calmness and energy while at the same time experiencing tranquility and alertness.

Proper breathing techniques have great physiological benefits, such as:

• Increase lung capacity
• Provide a more proficient exchange of oxygen
• Augment stamina levels
• Decrease tension in muscles
• Reduce anxiety
• Enhance cardiovascular functions
• Boost immune system
In addition, there are also a number of prana benefits:
• Better ability of release negative energy held up in the body
• A more purified energy body
• Aura rays become healthier and more vibrant
• Better ability to take in bigger amounts of positive prana
Pranic Healing Can Help Relieve
Physical ailments:
• Headaches/ migraines
• Toothaches
• Coughs
• Stomach aches
• Muscle pains and sprains
• Cold/fever
• Back pain
• Hypertension
• Heart problems
• Arthritis
Mental and emotional ailments:
• Stress/anxiety
• Depression
• Phobias
• Addictions
• Relationship/financial issues
Your immune system will boost and you will radiate energy.
In conclusion, it’s important to bear in mind that pranic healing requires no physical touch to achieve its purpose.
It has a deep respect for all philosophies and religions. It is not associated with any mystical or superstitious applications.
Its basic intention is to complement traditional medicine, not to take its place in any way.
It also is a perfect accompaniment to other alternative healing methods.

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