Our bodies have incredible mechanisms to sustain proper function for long durations even in the absence of conventional medication. This is probably the reason why human beings have continually thrived through the test of time and continue to do so in the modern age.
What is Integrative Medicine?
According to the dictionary, “a form of medical therapy that combines practices and treatments from alternative medicine with conventional medicine.” Alternative medicine includes a long list of therapies that are outside of conventional medical care, such as aromatherapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutritional healing, reiki, healing touch and many others.
According to WebMD, “Integrative medicine pairs traditional medicine with other treatments to care for your mind, body, and spirit.” For example, a cancer patient receives nutritional counseling and a special diet that may help ease symptoms or even improve treatment in general by improving the patient’s overall health and wellness. Another example is that cancer patient also receiving acupuncture to help with side-effects of cancer treatments.
If an enabling environment is fashioned with a sustained provision of all the natural essentials for the human body, it is possible to actualize ambitions of optimal health as modern medicine strives to do. This is the main idea behind integrative medicine, and it is steadily turning into the reality of our present time.
People Benefiting from Integrative Medicine
According to the National Institutes of Health, 1 in every 3 people inclined to a conscious lifestyle relies on concepts of integrative wellness to boost their well-being. The report continues to state that within the last 30 days before the survey was taken 12% of children population and 38% of the adults were actively engaging in integrative medicine remedies knowingly or unknowingly.
Integrative medicine is applicable to persons seeking full recovery from any particular sickness whether short-term or long-term as well as individuals who are proactive about the prospects of their health in future. The practice covers a wide scope of therapeutic concepts that are not limited to fixing a single health concern but tries to correct every aspect.
This field of medicine has been subjected to great advancement over the recent decades with the aid of modern technology. Owing to this factor there has been a gradual shift of attention towards alternative means of treatment that are more impactful. This means that at your earliest convenience, you can learn more about integrative medicine and the best approach to it from specialized health practitioners near you.
Services Offered in the Field of Integrative Medicine
Patients with chronic diseases, for instance, are subjected to a tremendous amount of stress and are always anxious about the future. This mental disposition only makes their situation worse which in turn prolongs the nature of their complication.
For such patients, integrative medicine therapy aims to enhance the nature of their conventional treatment in a multidisciplinary approach. Such include Aromatherapy, nutrition consultation, music therapy, gastroenterology, massage therapy, visual imagery, acupuncture, animal-assisted therapy, meditation and so much more!
Does Integrative Medicine Really Work
The concept has proven to be effective in the management of patients with chronic fatigue, advanced cancer, fibromyalgia and chronic pain among other complications. Integrative medicine seeks proper management of prevailing symptoms by working on the quality of life a patient is subjected to hence giving them assurances. It also promotes their will to fight which is a mindset that goes a long way to hasten the recovery process.
The course of treatment is determined by the current test results, the historical background of a patient and their future health goals. By being realistic in the treatment approach, integrative medicine is turning out to be the most holistic medical tool with groundbreaking outcomes.
Patients subjected to complete therapy record an increase in their energy levels and a decline in their inflammation levels. This restores the body’s ability to deal with infections all through the aging process.
Risks Associated with Integrative Medicine
Important to note, remedies used for integrative medicine are not meant to substitute conventional treatments but rather work hand-in-hand to complement each other.
Based on the nature of illness and the specific patient involved, some therapies are emphasized on or disregarded entirely. There are many considerations taken before embarking on therapy and research has to support the course of treatment.
Integrative medicine could possibly be your last resort to a fast recovery and a graceful aging process free of unprecedented surprises. It is an opportune time to embrace the rising medical trend which can interpret to great health value when facilitated by a knowledgeable specialist.

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