How Yoga Positively Impacts Health

Have you heard about the amazing benefits of yoga? Do the people you know who do yoga seem fitter, leaner, happier and more relaxed?

Have you met seniors who do yoga and noticed that they look younger, are more active in their everyday lives, and seem to have more energy in general?

It’s not a myth. Once you begin doing yoga, it can eventually become a lifelong practice that will have a positive impact on almost every area of your health.

People who do yoga on a regular basis tend to:

  • Have leaner muscle mass, a more upright posture, and look better in clothes
  • Eat less, and take time to enjoy their food more thoroughly when they do sit down to a meal
  • Look and feel younger than their same-age peers who don’t do yoga, and who live a more sedentary lifestyle (particularly in the case of middle-aged and seniors)
  • Have improved digestion and stay more “regular” – with less bloating, gas or stomach upset
  • Sleep more deeply, and feel more rested when they wake
  • Have clearer, more supple skin and fewer breakouts, rashes or other skin ailments
  • Get over colds and other sickness faster
  • Argue less, smile more, enjoy more peaceful relationships than they did prior to committing to a yoga practice
  • Be more flexible in their joints, have fewer aches and pains
  • Perhaps may even be more mentally flexible than they were before.
  • May experience lowered blood pressure, balanced blood sugar and greater cardiovascular, digestive and immune health.

All of the above claims about yoga will vary from one individual to the next depending upon their dedication to the practice, overall lifestyle, eating habits, tendency toward alcohol, tobacco and drug use, pre-existing health conditions, and other facts of their life that impact their health for better or worse.

*Anyone with a special medical condition should speak to their doctor before embarking on a yoga practice, or any other type of physical exercise.

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