Reiki is a form of therapy that has its origins in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, having been used by the Buddhists for at least 2500 years. The meaning of the work is “universal life force energy.” It was rediscovered in the late 1800s as a treatment for a variety of conditions.
Reiki is a holistic healing system based on 4 main levels:
• Mental
• Physical
• Emotional
• Spiritual
It is used as a healing therapy and is based on the idea that the reiki therapist can send energy to the patient just through the element of touch. It activates the healing processes of the patient’s body in order to aid in the restoration of emotional and physical wellbeing.
When you have a Reiki healing experience, you lie down fully clothed on a table while the Reiki therapist uses their hands to cause healing of various parts of the body. It works as an energy transfer, similar to the transfer of thoughts, intents, and feelings.
Reiki is good for many seniors as they often deal with discomforts related to their age that can negatively affect their quality of life. Surgeries and injuries can be difficult to heal, life can be stressful, and many seniors suffer from arthritis, which causes stiffness and pain in the joints.
Reiki is actually good for everyone. It has been used by millions of people of every different age who have found relief from insomnia, indigestion, anxiety, and pain—all things the impact a person’s quality of life. Unfortunately, many elderly people have not even heard of reiki and have missed out on its many therapeutic effects. Others have heard of the practice by don’t appreciate or fully understand the healing potential of this type of therapy.
Increasingly, seniors have begun to try using Reiki and have quickly responded to it. Most elderly people become enthusiastic about Reiki after a single session.
Reiki is good for elderly people with cancer, as it helps them relax and can help them feel better after having a medical procedure. Reiki can be so healing that it can warm sore feet or stiff shoulders, even if the elderly person is normally sensitive to being touched.
Most elderly people like Reiki sessions and may benefit from them greatly.
There is a comfortable atmosphere and there is soothing music and dim lights—all of which aid in the benefit of Reiki. Some elderly people feel the benefits immediately after having a Reiki session, while others feel benefit after a few days of treatment.
There are a few elderly people who don’t feel any benefit but improvements in their mood and physical appearance have been noticed by their loved ones and caretakers.
The practice of Reiki helps to sooth the nervous system, stimulate circulation, and loosens muscle tension. The elderly respond to Reiki because it increases the range of motion of arthritic joints, relieves the pain caused by tight muscles, and improves circulation.
It can even improve the elderly person’s coordination and reduces the risk of falls. Reiki has the ability to improve healing from surgeries and injuries, rejuvenate the elderly person’s energy level, increase mental alertness, improve breathing, and increase vitality.
Other benefits from Reiki for seniors include better sleep, mental alertness, and improved vitality. Reiki can bring about a sense of contentment that most elderly people feel is out of their reach.
It can also help those struggling with mental health issues, depression, chronic diseases, and other serious health problems.
The benefits in the elderly of Reiki include the following:
• Provides support for substance abuse
• Enhances intuition and self-awareness
• Improves self-esteem
• Improves digestion
• Improves sleep
• Aids in relaxation
• Lessens anxiety
• Improves depression
• Releases tension and stress
• Enhances mental clarity
• Aids in pain management
• Promotes wellbeing and health
• Reduce the need for painkillers
Reiki can bring about calm and peacefulness to an elderly person’s life—a life that is sometimes impaired with frequent doctor’s visits, foggy memory, physical disability, and pain. These are challenges that can have an extremely disruptive effect on the flow of life force energy in the older adult and, if not treated with Reiki, can make illnesses worse.
Reiki helps to bring about the positive energy flow that improves the well-being and health in the elderly person.

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