Yoga Coloring Book Volume 1

Yoga Coloring Book
Yoga Like a Grown Ass Woman Volume 1 is a relaxing and calming coloring book filled with beautiful yoga poses, mandalas, affirmations, grayscale yoga poses and fun designs strategically made to inspire meditation, mindfulness, and self-awareness while encouraging women to start and/or further their yoga practice. This coloring book is perfect for yoga enthusiasts of all levels and especially for women completely new to yoga. Yoga is for ALL women. We invite you to color the pages of this adult coloring book Like a Grown Ass Woman!

Examples of Pages

Yoga Coloring Book
Yoga Coloring Book

Coloring Tips:

This coloring book was strategically designed for meditation, RELAXation, and inspiration with detailed and in some cases very elaborate designs including pages with grayscale photography.

It is suggested that you use colored pencils for the designs in this book. You may also use crayons, markers, and/or gel pens. Markers may bleed through the page.

This is your coloring book and you make the rules. You are a Grown Ass Woman… You can color in the lines, outside the lines, or draw your own lines. As you color the affirmation pages please say these empowering words out loud and meditate on them… Just relax and have fun!

Coloring for Relaxation and Stress Relief

I spent endless hours coloring as a child. I started coloring as an adult for fun but mostly for the therapeutic benefits I experience while coloring. Now I color and create coloring books to empower others the way coloring empowers me.

When I’m sitting in airports, bored in my hotel room, laying on beaches, chilling poolside or laying on my couch at home… I Color.

Benefits of Coloring:

• Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
• Improves focus and mindfulness
• Calms the mind
• Alleviates negative thoughts
• Produces good feelings and mental clarity
• Conducive to meditation
• Relaxing and fun

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