The main concept brought forward by the field of bioresonance therapy is that electromagnetic oscillations produced by cells affected by any given disease vary greatly from those from healthy cells. This information is used by a bioresonance specialist to induce biophysical treatment in a pain-free manner.
The human body dissipates an energy field from all its organs which are readily recorded as electromagnetic fluctuations by bioresonance equipment. When a specialist fixes electrodes at certain points of your body, they are able to alter the abnormal fluctuations by electronically changing their polarity to therapeutic fluctuations and dissipating them back to the affected areas.
It is, therefore, accurate to state that this kind of therapy enhances the body’s self-healing capabilities by eliminating all the negative signals causing stress to specific organs. As an alternative medicine, this therapy is great for detoxifying the body.
Benefits of Bioresonance Therapy
The practice is steadily gaining ground as modern medicine advances with technology. It is not a new concept especially in the east where for a couple of millennia now, civilizations have tried to perfect their knowledge of quantum physics in treatment.
Other than detoxification and striking a balance in energy levels, therapy is great at boosting a patient’s energy levels almost instantly and is also very effective at treating common allergies. It also has a high success rate and has not recorded any notable side effects. The procedure used is noninvasive and unlike many therapies not recommended for low energy patients, this works great for them.
Specific Conditions Remedied by Bioresonance Therapy
From one category to the other, Bioresonance therapy has proven most helpful to respiratory complications such as bronchitis, hay fever, asthma, and chronic rhinitis. For skin conditions, routine therapy helps manage common allergies from exposure to sunlight, rheumatism, psoriasis, alopecia, and vitiligo. It is also recommended for disorders like eczema, rashes, hives, and neurodermatitis.
For people with digestive disorders including colitis, bloating, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diarrhea, and gastritis it is plausible to take advantage of this natural technique. Other disorders covered by this procedure are those that affect the nervous system. Such entails trigeminal neuralgia, tinnitus, migraines, and tennis elbow. The evolution of bioresonance therapy continues to factor in more and more diseases as the nature of therapy gets perfected.
Essential Tips when Undergoing Bioresonance Therapy
Constantly hydrate in the course of treatment preferably with low mineral water. The standard hydration rate per day should strive for a minimum of 2 liters. The reason for low mineral water is that it enhances the removal of toxins in the system without adding toxins of its own.
Avoid consumption of sugars during the period of therapy as this destroys all the important bacteria in the intestines that helps prevent intestinal infections. For a period of 6 hours before the session one is also advised to stay off coffee and alcohol.
The aftermath of treatment is often characterized by a mild sense of fatigue, acute sweating due to increased body temperature or feeling a little cold. The procedure as stated earlier is painless and does not have any long-term side effects.
What to Expect During Therapy
Most specialists will set a one-hour session and combine multiple programs used for bioresonance therapy. These are aimed at getting maximum information either from substances but most from your body. Once they have gathered enough data to work with, they will proceed to the most important phase.
A sizeable electromagnetic mat is placed on your spine and altered information is directly played back to your body. The healing process only takes effect when the body is in tune with the frequencies that are played back.
Bioresonance equips your body’s defenses with all the necessary information to stage an elaborate healing mechanism.

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